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Perfex LT kit and HL springs. Will it work?

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Im having some difficulty finding out if this setup will work. I own an 03 Rubi and although it only has 58 hours. I know the springs are sagging. Would the HL springs work with my Long Travel kit? Thanks
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Yes i run both and love the springs with the perfex kit, stiffens up a little with springs on top of the perfex, but handles great to me, i can realy sling it around easily. Doubling up is much easier with teh springs, hope this helps. Also get the spring tool it makes it so easy
You have the long travel kit right? How does it ride? I really did the lift b.c of the softer ride. Thanks!
I put them both on at the same time, so i dont know with just one how it does, but it does great together with one another, and yes i have a perfex long travel kit on my 2004 foreman
Great thanks im going to put them both on this week!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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