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Perfex Long Travel Suspension

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I have a '03 450s and I just finished installing the Perfex long travel, the ride is much smoother, but is it just me or is the lift kit itself made of very thin material? Has anyone ever had a problem with the kit, may it bending or breaking?
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The only thing I have heard is the front sets to low with the perfex kit, nothing else.
Even though some of the brackets are thin, the force applied to them is perpendicular to the thin sides.
The only thing ive bent in 1700 miles is the OEM shock bolt in the bracket , but not the perfex bracket itself.
I just installed the kit last week. Today was really my first time to try it out. The ride is definitely improved. The rear is very plush now, and the front is pretty soft too.

The brackets are made of a very thin metal. However, i feel that they will do the job.

The rear DOES sit up higher than the front on mine, however, i can physically pick the front of my foreman up, and set it back down, and then it sits level with the back. Its like the shocks are kinda worn out or something... or, maybe the front needs to be preloaded a little to give more downtravel in the suspension?

I did hit a jump today that I used to hit, and when the thing landed this time it was VERY smooth and very controlled. The whole thing squatted and soaked up the landing. A huge improvement over stock.

perfex LT

I also find my bike sit low on the front, and my shocks on the front also seem like they should be changed, but then I talked with a mechanic from honda and he said that it is rare to change shocks on a honda since they are very tough and reliable.

Has anyone out there installed hi-lifter springs with there Perfex LT or any other such mods.
I've been running the Perfex lift kit , not the long travel kit for over a year with no problems. I have HL springs in the rear and a custom set in the front. Bike sits level and the ride is much better. The springs on my bike were pretty much shot when I got it so I can't compare the ride or lift to stock but I can push the suspension pretty hard and it rarely bottoms out. I've heard that the HL springs can make the suspension stiff but I've got a fair amount of weight out back with the seat, bumper, winch and cooler and the ride is great.
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