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2006 FOREMAN RED (160MI)
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i got it and like it softens the ride but changes the angle of the u joint
I'm think about takin off my lift and getting a perfex
i wanta take my perfex off and put a lift back on. i don't really like the smooth ride that it gives. the rear end is raised to high for me.
I love mine it gives you a little bit of lift and rides really nice. as for a con.... i don't think there are any compared to stock. sometimes i think it would be nice to have a lift instead but then you have the greater angle on the cv joints and a rougher ride. its all on what you want.
I bought one for my Rancher.... I know the kit is different, as the Rancher only has a single rear shock and the Foremans have 2.

BUT, I found the kit to be of very poor quality. The pieces were thin, unfinished-looking, and the rear bracket had 2 nuts welded into place with "beautiful" booger welds. One nut wasn't centered properly and ended up stripping the included bolt. The whole bracket wasn't even aligned properly.

We had started to mount up the rear bracket when the bolt stripped, and just took it off. My b/f made a new, better designed one and it works great, and we didn't have to drill holes into the swing-arm.

The front brackets weren't even going to make it to the bike. Cheap looking, flimsy brackets that probably would have bent or broken on the first ride. I don't ride hard, but I do ride on more than just gravel roads. My b/f didn't like the way the front brackets changed the angles of the front cv-joints either.

I returned it to my dealer, and they told me that to be honest, Perfex seems to make products that are available for cheap prices, but cheaply made. Luckily for me, it wasn't a costly error, as I was able to return it minus a restocking fee. I bought the kit because I had read seemingly "good" things about it online, and because a new shock to soften the suspension was going to cost double the price.

Personally, after seeing the quality of the product for the price I paid ($120 CDN), I would NEVER buy another Perfex product. There's no way in heck that a perfex kit would go on my b/f's Foreman.... even if it was free.

You get what you pay for.
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QUOTE ("Shepard1828":3lhsr6e8)
i wanta take my perfex off and put a lift back on. i don't really like the smooth ride that it gives. the rear end is raised to high for me.
It should fit on a foreman shouldn't it, if it will and ya wanna get rid of it pm me
I have had the perfex LTK on my foreman for over a year and I beat the snot out of my atv. I drive it like I just stole it from the cops , and I have NEVER had one single issue out of it. great mod for the $$
I have had no problems with mine on the Foreman, but I did read that some of the earlier kits had some quality issues and were supposed to be sent back to Perfex and replaced.
OK so this don't lift it at all? Is it kinda like a rock crawlers springs and stuff like that? I don't really want a lift but would like more flexibility and the tires to be on the ground more.
It gives about a 1 1/2 inch lift. No it does not work like a crawlers susp. you would need the rincon for that with the IRS. All it does is move the mounting locations of the shocks so that they sit more upright, therefore giving a small lift and softening the susp. Have a look in my pics there are some detailed pics of the perfex kit installed and you can see what the kit really does.
I'm with foreman lover on this one. I put on my perfex at christmas and believe me,I don't baby my foreman, it gets ridden hard at times. Jumped over logs, beat my aluminum skid plates to death on rocks and will jump the quad over the nearest jump. I've so far never had a problem with the long travel kit.
It gives me enough lift to go through the same trails that I'd get hung up on in the past. Also makes riding the old girl more comfortable to ride for longer distances.
My two cents, it's worth every cent
is there a setting in the rear that can make your bike look more level?? and where is the best place to buy the kit?
here is a side pic of mine, i maybe crazy but i think it looks level
It does look level, do you have the rear shocks on the lower or higher setting?
My bike too is level.
I have both my rear shocks and the front shocks on the highest setting, which give you the most lift (1.5") and is the softest ride.
This is because that setting raises your shocks to make them more straight up and down which give you more shock travel. I,ve also changed my front shocks to "Pro-Gold" which are adjustable,this was done because my daughter broke one front stock shock and it was cheaper to go that way instead of an oem shock from my local dealer.
both the front and back are on the highest setting for the most lift

Hmmmmm, both are on the same setting? My front mounts only have one setting, maybe thats my problem.
I think that its only suppose to have one setting in the front and two in the back. but my wheel isnt here so i cant go look, but i'm pretty sure its correct

Thats weird that on my bike the back is all jacked up but yours isn't and they are both on the same settings. I'll need to look into a lift kit to try and even them out.
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