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perfex long travel lift kit

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i bought a perfex long travel lift kit, came with no instructions. the front brackets fit ok but the small tabs bent down touch the cv boot. the rear bracket fits in place but i have a problem. the bolt where the shock was mounted only holds half of the bracket. went i bolt the shock to lift bracket the bolt contacts the rear differential. i'm having bad luck with this kit. please help. picture of installed kit would also help. thank you
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Believe there is a pic in the 450 forum
the 350 and 450 preflex kit is a tottaly different thing. the 450 has 2 rear shocks where as the 350 only has one. i belive there is a topic about this somewhere around here.

some pics there. hope it works out for you.
thank you for the help with pictures, they helped. the kit is now installed, now i need time to got for a ride.
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