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Perfex long travel lift kit

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is anybody running one of these kits? they say it will give a better ride, but at what cost? any pics, info, or anything about this would be good!
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They dont have them yet for the 500 Foreman.
The HL lift kit didn't change my ride at all,the new 500 have KYB shocks on them,way better brand than the older 450's for ride quality...
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They dont have them yet for the 500 Foreman.
I emailed them a while back and they said the older bikes and newer ones use the same kit. He had just not updated the website. That was about a month ago.
don't make it yet

i just looked on and they have a kit that fits both the rubicon and foreman. the cost is 79.94 !
If you need the regular lift kit, it's # 2201-HR50, same as the Rubicon. But if you need the long travel suspension kit, it's # 2202-HF46, same as the 02-04 Foreman 450
From Hebco Distributing
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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