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Perfex long travel lift and HL springs HELP!

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I cant figure out the rear of the Perfex long travel lift kit. Is it me or is it complicated! Also how do you use that dumb compression tool. Its a hassle to use, maybe its just me. Does anyone have any pics of the rear with the Perfex kit installed? Also how do you compress those springs? I cant find the nut that im supposed to remove and the instructions are for a 450S.
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OK the lift kit after seeing some pics i understand but these HL springs are a whole different animal. That tool is impossible to figure out. I already cracked the shock boot. I think im going to have to subcontract the work
I thought the tool was very easy to use, took me like 5 min. a spring or less, i have pics of how to put them in there, i will try and find it
Hey were can I buy one of these kits and how much do they cost.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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