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Perfex long travel kit

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I have searched and searched on the internet for some info on these kits (I saw someone here's sig line and was curious). They look interesting, can someone explain what they do...I am a tad confused. It looks like it moves your shock mounting locations. What is the benefit from this kit???? Does it make the machine more stable on the off-camber stuff???? That is what I am interested in. The Foreman feels like it wants to tip over on just about everything.

Any insight is much appreciated. You guys/gals ROCK!!! I have learned more about my Foreman here than the past year I have owned it!!!!
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its a slight lift, an inch or so, and a smoother ride aparently.
Hey Robb...You are familiar with my lift delima a few months ago. Is this a kit that is " Axle Safe ".. I cry every time I look at my bike now and want a lift back, but dont wanna deal with the $$$$$$ Problems. Anyone??? Here are pics of with and without a lift... You can see why I cry..Look at the difference..
dont know if this helps. i think it looks better with out the lift on. just thought i would think out loud.
VAUGHN>>>GET BACK TO WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Just kidding....Yea, It looks fatter, but loved the lift..
I think its worth a try.
the perfex kit on my rancher was "axle safe" as the shafts did not come down to the lower limit of travel.the ride that this kit gives was impressive for softening up the ride.I did sell my used for a year kit to my buddy who now loves it to death and won't trade it for anything.I don't think they make one for the rinny tho.the lift is about an 1" or so front and back.the ride is what it's all about parts world still sells the kits as i believe the company that made them has closed up or was bought out by another company so get 'em while you can.the kit is the same for the foreman as i have pictured except that they add another rear bracket for the extra rear shock (longer bracket in pic)
So I have read good and bad on these kits. I am not looking for lift, simply looking to make this a tad more stable on the off camber riding. Everyone who has rode this beast compares it to driving a bread truck over the same terrain!!! It seems to want to tip very easily. The rear suspension is fairly stiff....if this kit doesn't do it, got any suggestions???
A lift isn't going to give you any more stability, probably the complete opposite. You can try some spacers or some aftermarket rims and tires for better offset. Good luck.
I installed the perfex long travel last week and absolutely love it! With no one on the bike it raised it about 1.5". I was worried about it becoming top heavy but I did not tell any difference. I actually was able to do some mild jumping and she screamed across some rocky trails that previously beat me to death in second gear, not to mention that pulling her up on two wheels is a piece of cake now. It is an easy installation and for the money I could not imagine a better investment. Take in mind I have not had this for a long period, but from what I've heard their durable. Hope this helps
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A lift isn't going to give you any more stability, probably the complete opposite. You can try some spacers or some aftermarket rims and tires for better offset. Good luck.
Thanks for the answer. I have thought about off-set wheels when I do the tire upgrade.
I agree...A wider rim and tire combo would make it very stable... And Vaughn, ... You just keep working and get off the work computer..
the wheels and tires are the #1 investment.I used the perfex kit for over a year with O problems and i ran it over 2100 miles last season.I just recently installed a set of Elka shocks front and rear and like i said in another post i rode 127 miles on monday thru some brutal rocks from the washouts we've had here recently and i could still sit down at the end of the day and not have to put ice on my rear end.that would be the next best thing if you want stability.I believe progressive 512 shocks are a big improvement over stock but i don't know how they ride compared to the oem shocks.I also know that works makes some too that are quite affordable and are a big improvement.I went with the Elkas because of their adjustability and the fact that i can modify any part on the shock or upgrade them if can see pics of them in the rancher forumn here under "new shocks".they did cost alot but IMO they were well worth it and i know some spend alot more money on lifts and replacing busted axles from the lifts and mongo tires that don't let you "enjoy" a long trail ride.I don't know about you but i like to ride over 100 miles at a shot and be able to walk around when i'm done.
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I love the perfex kit. I bought mine from Truckman. It really makes a difference over the stock ride. The rocks and bounces don't seem as harsh. I also have good tires one that also seem to help - Holeshot ATRs
anyone have the front Perfex that they want to sell? Need one for a 2006 500ES

(hope I'm not stealing your post)
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(hope I'm not stealing your post)
Not at all sir!!!!
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