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Perfex Long Travel kit INSTALLED!

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Well i got the kit installed finally, along with the AP stik guards. Ill start with the front of the bike it was the easiest part and took all of 10-15 minutes. Perfect! Then we got to the back. The most confusing thing to figure out. After two hours of messing with it we finally figured it out and got it on. Lifts the bike a nice amount. Im not even sure i want to install the Hl lift springs. God knows i tried to compress those springs and i couldnt. Ill have some pics up in an hour or so. Now i do have some questions. What do you think i should do? Return the HL springs, or keep them and put them on? Ive been reading on added stress on the bike with the HL springs AND a lift kit. Im pretty happy where im at now, but i usually have a rider with me (my g/f). Im running 27" 589's and plan to keep those for a while. What do you think? I really need some honest advice on this one...
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I personally would not run the springs. They will only stiffen your ride. The only thing they will help in your case is to decrease the squat (compression) of the stock springs with the weight of an extra rider.
Is there anything mechanical that could be compromised?
Hopefully this bad boy is put on right!

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looks like you need to clean out that tube on the bottom of your air box.
Looks good. Have you got to ride it yet to see the differance between the
before ride & the after. Does it ride a lot better?
Yea it really does ride softer believe it or not. I got the small amount of lift i wanted. Now i need to figure our if i want to stress the bike and add the HL lift springs!
I wonder how rough it is with the lift springs with the Perfex lift? I wonder
if it would even out to the factory ride?
They ride really doesnt matter much to me. I want some lift and clearance when i have my g/f on it also. Can anyone with a lift and the HL springs tell me if i will have or am looking for problems running both setups? I know the lift is maybe 1.5" about .5" less than the HL. What do you all think?
You can run the springs with the Perfex Kit, it won't hurt anything on your bike. The only thing the springs did for my bike is increase the carrying capacity on the racks and stiffen the ride but now that i have the Perfex Kit installed it should be a nice riding machine.
Ive been advised at about 50/50 that it will put a lot of stress on my cv's and i have also been told to go ahead and go with it. Im going to hear out opinions for a bit longer...
i had a 2" lift on my Foreman
i went to change the inner CV boot
the axle had hit the retainer spring clip and smashed it out
causing me to have to snap it to get it out
got a new one from honda, die grinded the notch clean and stuck it back together
took the lift off -
be careful of running at max extension
i had factory shocks on and my lift was on the end of the shock
when the a arm hits bottom - your gonna cause some grief.
from experiance......
How much lift does this Perfex kit add and how much softer is the ride, will it be saggy with a passenger on it?

Whats the better bet, the HL lift kit or this Perfex LT kit if all i want is a good ride with some lift?

Thanks, Corey
i am running both the perfex long travel kit and HL springs. i always ride with a girl on mine and the springs made the biggest difference in the world and it doesnt ride that bad by myself either. i think its a great combo. but as someone said above i did notice at full droop the cv are stressed but i haven't had any problems yet.
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