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perfex kit

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Where can I find the perfex kit for my 450? How much does it cost?
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Thanks for that! I wish that I found it before I got the HL kit. I guess I could sell it and buy the prefex kit. Do you know about how much lift it would give with HL lift springs?
It is $90 for the 02-04 450. That is still cheaper than the lift kit
I put the Perfex on my girlfriends Rancher and it gave it about 1-1/2'' in the rear and about 1/2'' in the front.

The rear has 2 different positions on height and ride comfort. We put this on almost immediately after she bought it so no notice in ride comfort has been noticed. Very popular kit and many are happy with it.
Wanna sell my your HL lift kit? Pm me if you do
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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