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i am trying to decide between the perfex kit or the highlifter spring kit for my 2002 foreman....
i have read alot of posts on several sites about the both of them...which one would be better...i would like the softer ride of the perfex with a little lift gained...but would also like the beefier suspension when the wife rides with me..but now that she is 3 months pregnant she wont be riding with me for a while...the hl spring kit also gives about an inch lift....since they are extremely close in price which one would you go with?????
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Perfex, as the foremans ride like a tank to begin with why would you want to add to that? Get the perfex and ENJOY the ride and not worry about needing to seeing a uerologist(sp?) for the kidney damage you recieve after you rides.
You won't gain anything with the springs but a higher payload for the front and back racks but with the Perfex you will gain about an inch and a half of lift and a softer ride. I have both on mine and I really like it.
I agree with the Perfex kit. I can ride all day now with less back strain.
inexpensive,easy and not long to install.
In my opinion Perfex is Perfect
thanks for the input where is the cheapest / best place to get the perfex kit???
I got mine from Got it fast too.
I placed my order for the Perfex kit on June 16th and still haven't gotten it yet. I've called the company 3 different times, and they have told me that they are on backorder. They said that they get these kits out of Canada and sometimes it takes a while for them to pass through to the U.S. They may have a perfex kit in stock that fits your bike, but I would give them a call first. Hope this helps.
who did you order through???
I ordered it through hondapartsworld. I got the other parts I ordered pretty quick, but I'm still waiting on the perfex kit. As of last friday they still had not gotten their shipment in. I'm hoping it will be here in the next two weeks because I have a trail ride in West Virginia planned for the first weekend in August.
****, I was about to order the same tomorrow. I dont want to spend the cash just to have nothing to show for iit though
atvdirect has the perfex kit, but is about to stop selling them. On their website they still have the kits available for honda rubicon models from 2000 to 2004. They also have kits for the suzuki vinson. When I talked to the people at hondapartsworld on Friday they said that it sometimes takes a little while to get their shipments in from Canada. Depending on what kind of bike you have, they may have some in stock. I'm waiting on a kit for a 99 foreman 450S. I'm not sure what other sites carry this kit, but it would probably be worth looking into.
anybody know where in canada a guy could go to get one off hand? website address? or phone #. thanks
Got mine from Royal . Took 7 days to my door
Finally talked to someone at hondapartsworld today and they said that they got in an order of perfex lift kits today, unfortunately it wasn't the model number that I ordered. They said they had several more shipments coming in over the next 2-3 days and mine was on one of these trucks. He assured me that it should be shipped out this week. So, for anyone looking for one of these kits, you may be able to get one from them this week. For $89 it would be cheaper to get them here than the other websites.
Hey guys I have the perfex kit installed with highlifter springs and the front is set on the highest setting and the rear is on the lowest setting and the front still sags alot. My bike did have a plow on it is there any way to even it out.
well i was kicking around a few different mods and have finallly settled on the hl disc brake kit...i guess brakes are needed more than the other stuff out and when riding the hatfield & mccoy should be in in a few days..but itll have to wait till after vacation to get installed...
what the prefex kit and HL shocks? anyone try this combo?
yeah you end up getting about 2.5'' of lift and you can clear any tire w/ just a little grinding
Installed long travel perfex kit on my 1998 450ES and got 1 1/2 of lift in back and hardly nothing in front. Fixed the prob by taking apart front shocks and putting 3/4 spacer in front springs made from abs pipe. Final results were 2 inches of lift on front and rear. This was measured at the front and rear of the foot boards from the bottom.Had 10 inches before ended up with 12 inches.A quick cheap fix instead of buy front springs.
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