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Perfex Kit Installation

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Well i finally got my Perfex LT Kit on Friday and got it installed on Saturday but have yet to test it out. It gave me and inch and a half of lift on the back and almost the same on the front. The instructions that come with it aren't very good but i got it figured out through trial and error. The one thing I would say to those that buy the kit is pay close attention to the brackets on the back. Make sure the holes line up on the brackets because the directions don't tell you anything and the pictures are very vague. I also found that i had to jack up the body part of the Foreman along with the rear axle, it's the only way you'll get the shocks attached to the new brackets. I can post pictures if it will help. I can't wait to test it out!
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Its not that hard at all. My directions were quite good, maybe they changed them or your getting them from some strange place or whatever, but anyway here is a couple pics of it installed. The spacers go where the shock originally bolted to the swingarm to keep the bracket from collaping onto itself. Look at the pics CLOSELY and you will see how this kit is installed. I dont understand why everyone is having such a hard time with this kit its pretty self explanatory. [/img]
I got almost 1.75in lift in the rear. It does sit higher in the rear as you can see in the pic below, until my big a** gets on it then it kinda levels out. I never tried it on the lower setting so I couldnt answer that for you. All I know is I love the way it rides now. There is alot more suspention travel wich does actually make it ride smoother. I wouldnt give this kit up for anything, it was one of the best mods Ive done and for $90.00 to my door and 30 mins to install you cant go wrong. They should offer this as a dealer installed option IMHO.
I have read several places that you can NOT run the perfex kit with a lift kit but you can run it with the lift springs. Something about the two kits putting the cv's at to much of an angle, which does make sense if you think about it. Unless you run gorilla axles which can take the extreme angles Id stay away from that and just run the perfex and the HL lift springs. Besides its the tires that give our 450s the ground clearance, the lifts etc. just allow us to run the bigger tires. If you had an IRS bike then the lifts would give you the G.C. your looking for.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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