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perfex kit and high lifter springs

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Wondering what anyone can tell about about the highlifter springs and perfex long travel suspension kit.Looking for something to restore suspension and improve ride without changing driveline angles.
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The HL lift springs will restore the atv back to factory ride hight, while the perfex LTK will improve the ride, but will also give about 1.5 inches of lift. There is a couple people on here that run that combo and can elaborate more, I only have the perfex kit and love it, wouldnt trade it for anything. Greatly improves the foremans ride.
I have both and love them. Just get both you will not be disappointed. The perfex softens the ride and the springs stiffen it up a little, but i can carry more weight and to me i can slide it around better than i could before.
I have them both, i like the fact that the springs allow me more weight on both my front and back racks. So far the Perfex seems like it is worth the money but i haven't had a chance to really test it out. With the springs you can increase your carrying weight by 100lbs each, front and rear.
Seems to me the lift springs would counter act what the Perfex is designed
to do. My lift springs seemed to make mine ride rougher. Maybe the Perfex
will smoothin' it out some.
Thats why you sold them to me RR
I guess so. How are they holdin' up? You sure got your Foreman lookin' good.
I love them and i think im gonna take them off and repaint them red, i dunno yet.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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