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Perfex and bi tris

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Hello All,

I just installed the perfex kit on my 04 450 es. I have a k&n air filter and the dynojet kit. I now want to step up and get the bi tris. My question is will I have enough clearance and will my quad pull them. Another question what rim is a good rim to run with these and how much should I be expectin g to spend on wheels and tires. Where is a good place to get these?

Thank You,

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I run mine on HL's dna cast aluminum wheels and they weigh only 9 lbs and are very tough and the clearcoat repels mud stains very well.

I think your gonna need a exhaust, i ran mine without the exhaust with my claws and bogged in the thick stuff, but now with my HMF I can spin the mess out of them now.

need any more info let me know just ask and i will answer
You will have enough clearance to run them. I have that setup and I only rub on big bumps and at full turn. As chevync20 said also look into the exhaust, I had the same prob he did, bogged without the exhaust put one on and now it doesnt bog as bad anymore. I have the ITP c series on mine. I think I spent right around $700.00 rims and tires delivered. Dont remember from where though. I have some pics in my sig.
this tire thing is mind blowing. i have a stock 500 s 4x4 foreman. will the 27x9x12 in the front and 27x12x12 rub if i dont have a lift? will it have enough power to spin them? and is this the best size? do i have to get new wheels? they wont fit on my stock wheels? confusing!!! help out the new guys please?!?!!?!
They should fit on your stock wheels.
they wiil fit your stock wheels but please don't paint them black
Why should he not paint them black?
If you put them on stock wheels you are almost gauranteed to rub unless you run spacers too. The stock wheels just dont have the offset to accept such a wide tire without rubbing the front shock, and exhaust in the rear. As for power you will be able to turn them good on a stock 450 until you get into some real thick goo, the 500 will do it even better obviously. To run these tire with out ANY problems I would highly recomend that you get a lift, pipe, filter, bigger jet, and a clutch kit (raises the clutch engaugement by 500 rpm) to put the power band right where you need it to really sling some mud. With these mods the foreman is a totally different bike. You will not be disappointed with these mods.
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