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perfect water tight storage

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but if you are looking for storage i have found that AMMO storage cans from any military surplus place is the best dry storage ever! they were designed to keep ammunition dry and free from sand/dirt.

they are completely water tight, they come in tons of different sizes and most of them float if you drop it in water. i use one on the back rack for my camera, phone, wallet, and all sorts of things you don't wnat to get wet. i had it submerged while doing water wheelies for a good 45 mins. and opened it up and everything was dry. the best part is i paid $5 for it and this place near my house!!!!!
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Lets see some pics.
thats good im going to be going by Fort Campbell Kentucky and i might pick one up at the store
well here she is...

this is it, like i said before. it is the perfect size for camera, wallet, keys, anything you don't want wet. fits perfect on back rack with one bungee cord.
Why the pink bungee cord?
It's PANK!!! LOL I have thought of getting some ammo boxes. Just have not done it yet.

it is red...covered in dirt and mud... the purple one with the yellow stripes was too long so i guess tha PANK one works better!!! haha

i will try to find another box that bigger and make a water proof stereo system with it...
I like the size of the ammo boxes for 5.56mm. The others IMO are too large and bulky. Also these would be the most common anyway since its ammo for the M16's and SAW's. I still have a couple from my days in the Marines, but I have a seat bag thing on the back that works for almost everything I need.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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