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Perfect use for Stock Wheels and Tires

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I finally found a good use for the stock wheels and tires from my Foreman!

I have one of the cheapo ATV trailers (heck for $140 it ain't bad) and hated the small tires and crappy ground clearance when hauling wood from the woods.

I decided to fix that. I got a couple of used Foreman rear wheel hubs off Ebay for $10, the stock front wheels and tires from my Foreman (mounted backwards), a few bronze bushings and hardware from McMaster... and with an hour or so of labor came up with this.

Before pic is first...
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good job, looks great
excellent job. its great how people can always find uses for there spare parts.
Looks great!! Just need to slap a couple fenders on there now.
Looks good! That was a good idea!
wow its funny what people do in their spare time. good job
Great idea. How about a picture of your saw press. I'm trying to figure out a good mount for mine and I like the location of yours.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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