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People trying to persuade the blue side.

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People are trying to talk me into a Big Bear 400 instead of a Rancher, citing that they are just as reliable, got front disk brakes, more GC, more power, and selectable 2wd/4wd.........And I am hearing about how they run forever, with little maintenance, and have incredible low end torque.........AT the SAME price!
To be quite honest, it does sound like a good machine despite my Honda loving ways.......Any first hand knowledge here? HELP!
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it also is a shaft drive,great little machine and has been for years. i know it doesnt help to sway to back to red but it is a nice machine. plus i dont really know the particular of the new ranchers. dont they have a 400 now also with 2/4 wheel drive selectable?
Well, researching as I do, I read some old magazine tests I had laying around. They do make known in a comparison between the Big Bear and the Kodiak, that the Big Bear shows a tendency to feel tippy on off camber situations.......Then.......looking at the 33"+ seat height makes me believe that to be true. This will definitly keep me from going blue, as I like the glued to the ground feeling of the Rancher. Wow.......that was a close call, thought I would have to bleed blue instead of red! LOL!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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