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QUOTE ("Truckman":17f18mrs)
just remember you will have to ditch the lift or the perfex kit if you get Elka's they will NOT work together.i got the perfex kit until i have the dough for some elkas so it is a good compromise....79$ or $1400 you tell me.also the elkas lower the ride hight by about an inch or so but you won't regret it when you have real shocks.if you want a price quote call Andre' at elka he is super helpful and can make them to work with your weight and all the accessories on your bike.also a lift kit and a perfex will not work together.the perfex long travel kit is made to soften the ride and you get about an inch and a half of lift.The lift kit is just that it lifts the quad about 2 inches or maybe less.i myself won't trade my perfex kit for anything except a set of elkas which won't be here for a long time so i recommend the 79$ option.
when and where did you get the perfex for $79
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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