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Parts Wanted

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I am looking for a used aftermarket exhaust for my 99 450 foreman.
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I have a stock muffler I can get rid of.What's it wort to you? Make an offer.It's off my 98 foreman.
after market exhaust

Toddaham04, I too have a 99 450 and did purchase a used FMF Powerline on ebay. In the pic's it looked good, and the description was "good" cond. Beware, pic's can lie. This pipe was severely used, internally clogged with mud and carbon, and bent end cap and mounting brackets. I had to drill the rivits, chip out the crap, and straighten the end cap. I know a new end cap is avail. but cost would push total to near new pipe. Sorry for the long post But, if I were you, I would purchase new. You will get a clean, straight pipe and mounting brackets with hardware too. Just my five cent's worth.
who do you like the powerline? much louder then stock?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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