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Parts for 350

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From Alberta Canada, I have a 2001 350 4x4, looking at buying tires, whats the best place to get them, what kind is best for mud and should I get a lift kit or not....

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I also have a 2001 350 and when I bought the bike used it had the lift kit and a new set of Titan 589s on it. all I can say is I never have a problem in the mud and snow with those tires but check out other ones to find the best fit for your bike.
Check out . Prices seem the best I've been able to find. Most quoted prices include tax and shipping.
Talk to Vinnie at Excel auto, he some of the best prices in Canada and I'm sure can arrange shipping.

As for what to get, I love the Maxxis Mud-Bugs since they work well in the mud,snow and trail, but there are several good one's to choose from. Mud lite XTR' s have a good reputation also. Browse around and see what other guys are running and if they are happy with their tires.
Hey, I'm from Cold Lake. I have 2 350's one hase mud bugs and the other has bear claws. The bear claws are better than stock tires and a smooth ride. The mud bugs are awesome but rough on hard pack. I went to Lac La biche Sporting Goods.

Have you been out riding this winter and where?
Good another one from Cold Lake with a
I'll probably go with mud bugs, going to shop around before the mud comes out, might be a while with all the snow...Should get together for a trip one of these days.
andrewnp, for you question about riding this winter,
not really, i tried to go on the lake a couple weeks ago, no luck, too much snow.

I want to go on the iron horse trail when i gets a little bit warmer!
other then that i don't really know where to ride. Do you know where to ride around here in the winter?

Rene, in the past winter riding has been good out at crane lake and tucker lake, just wait till some sleds have been out, then good to go. I plan on going up to May Lake in the begining of March
where's Tucker Lake?
I plan on doing the iron horse trail one of these days when it's nicer so i can bring daughter with me...5 yrs old and loves coming for rides..

Let me know closer to March if you don't mind having some other riders..
Tucker Lake is just north west of crane lake. I ride with my wife and 3 daughters 16, 13, 10 years old. we also camp in the summer at tucker lake. will let you know when going for a ride and your welcome to come with us.

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