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Part Number for angle sensor?

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Having trouble finding definate part number and place to purchase angle sensor for 2007 Foreman ES. Gonna check over current one first but probably will need to replace it.

Will part # 06380-HM8-305 work, a guy I work with said he had one, he went home and called and said that was the part number, still in the package. He got it for his Recon but said it was the wrong one.
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i think this is the correct part

38800-HP0-A11 001 $36.69
Thanks JWJR that is the correct part number, I was just able to find it via a couple sites. FYI I found it for about $5 cheaper via Babbitt's.

I am still curious if the part number I listed above, 06380-HM8-305,
will work. That part number is decribed as a "angle sensor replacement kit" but I cant find anywhere that tells me what models and years it fits. I supposed I can just go ahead and try it.
Sorry to digress and be off topic but CountyMounty where in maine are you??? would love to see some more southern maine riders on here to ride with. Let me know. -Tony
AF Crew Chief I am in downeast Maine, quite aways from your area (4hrs or so). I have a good friend who is a Warden in your area if you do much riding down there you probably have, or soon will, run into him, he spends quite a bit of his time doing ATV enforcement.
Just wondering where you got part number "06380-HM8-305" from ..?.. Did you buy it from a dealer ..?
A friend of mine said that was the part number on the package of one that he got but did not use. It was still in the package, but a couple years old. I believe it was for a Recon or maybe a Rincon not sure what he said. When I did a search on a few different parts sites for that part number is did return results of it being an "angle sensor kit" but since I could not find anything to confirm that is would fit an 07 Foreman I went ahead and orderd the part number specificially liste for my bike.

Honda Mechanic the angle sensor should be here in a couple days. I am going to try to change it myself as it sounds pretty simple but I am a little confused about the "preloading" and the process to reset the system once it is installed. Could you please tell me exactly what I need to do when changing it so I dont mess anything up.
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