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Paragon AP 8-27-06

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If anyone is interested in going your more than welcome.I will be riding there with a buddy on sunday the for breakfast prolly around 8 am then go ride after we eat a good deal of is their website for rates and info and directions.
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we will prolly ride 50-85 miles that day.Trails can be very rocky and extreme in some places.
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I'm ready!!! Just got a get a safety flag and find a way to fasten it to the quad. Maybe we should try for 7:30 since they are open 8-5.
Anyone interested in joining us, send me a pm.
7:30 for breakfast sounds want to just meet at the diner near your place at that time? or your house? oops i need to get a flag asap before i forget...thanks for reminding me.
anyone???? if anyone is interested you can reach me at 215-804-8465.I'm heading north so give a call if you want to join us.If not i'll post some pics of some trails that NEUROC uses for the rock buggy crawling championships.most of these trails are off limits to atv use but i'll get some pics.their off limits because the rocks are so large and so many that the trails are impassable to anything with less than 37" tires and full spools or lockers....should be interesting.
thanks...I put some pics up in the photos forumn of some of their insane rock crawling trails.It was a fun day despite rain all day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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