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painting stock wheels

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i just hate the grey wheels and dont want to get new wheels yet. i just want to paint the black. do i have to sand the wheels first or use a primer? what kind of paint shoud i use?
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I would sand down the rims or at least scuff them up go and put some primer so that the paint would stick to the rims for color go to advance auto auto zone or napa and they sell rim paint. But I would use some good stuff that you know that is not going to come off easy. Once you take it to the mud then the power wash the paint might come off no matter what.
i painted 4wheeler wheels before and i just sand blasted them and went to a paint store and got the paint i wanted. i cant remember what kind of paint it was but i do remember it had something to do with nascar and it was supost to be really strong stuff. it worked good and it didnt come off. if you sand it make sure it is sanded really good because if not it will come right off. it was a couple years ago so i cant really remember what it was. also you could also powder them, my boss power coats stuff it works really well.
I did not sand my at all. I used a power washer on mine. Then used a prep solvent on them to remove any tar, dirt or debris. Then i just used a can of Rustolem on them. Whole thing cost me about $10. Mine have held up great and I have abuse them!
what is a prep solvent and where do you get it. thanks for all the help.

i will be getting some aftermarket rims and tires for mud soon, but i would like to paint my old ones for cruising around the trails.

anyone paint them any other color besides black?

yellow to match your bike? anything like that?

how well does it hold up if you use some cheap cans from walmart>?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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