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Painting Stock Rims?

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I just bought a new Foreman and was wanting to paint the factory wheels black. What is the best way to do this? Is it even possible or is Powder Coating my only real option? I was not wanting to powder coat because for the cost of dismounting/mounting + PC, I figured I would just buy some ITP's when I replaced the factory tires.
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You can powdercoat them or do it like Dirtyrider did...He just cleaned the rims, sanded any rust spots, and lightly taped the rims off and painted them evenly with black. Doesn't matter if you get some on the tire because they are black anyways. But you can always wipe the excess off with a cleaner. His looks really good. Maybe he will pop up and give you more details... Good luck..

I would put 2 or 3 coats o it and then buy the clear coat in a can and put a nice shine on them. Make it easier to get clean and look better...

Probably cost less that $20 in spray paint...
I sanded mine and Painted them with Rust OLeum black spray paint. Rust Oleum has the built in rust prevenative. It is also about the most durable paint you can buy in a spray can. And being black, If I ever get a nick, I can just squirt a tad on the spot and you never know it.
here is an old thread on it..i'll post some of my poics since i have moved mine and they arent showing up...

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Me & WVforeman did them at the same time and I am real happy with mine. I just rubbed them with some fine sand paper then put about 3 or 4 coats on them. I have not had them chip the first time.
Thats awesome wvforeman, those look really good. Puts my mind at ease. Guess I am gonna get started on them sooner intead of later, got my first flat today when I was racing with my buddy. Must have hit a sharp rock on the sandbar. I bought 2 at the same time, so I want one of them to look alittle different. They are both Blue. Got a good deal on 2 new 05 models.
Thanks for all the help guys, I wanted to let you know how it turned out!

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looks great...i wish they made the 4x4 in that blue...i am a blue fanatic but wont go to another brand or to 2wd...
Looks great! What type of paint did you use?
For the wheels I used Rust Oleum, 3 coats. That was about 2 cans. For the heat sheilds I used Krylon Fusion, because it is made for Plastics. I prepped both by washing, using in my power washer, then wiped down with Prep Solution. I did the whole thing for about $12
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