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painting stock rims

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I hate the silver rims on me 450 & I have been thinking about try to paint them. Do you all think this would work, Ruff the rims with stochbrite the spray on truck bed liner. I have used this stuff on old racks & on my trailer and it holds up real good. I dont have a lot of $$$$ to spent so new rims or poudercoat is out of the ?
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I think it would work. It would probably hold up better than usin' regular
black spray paint.
Truck bedliner is will be hard to keep clean and hold mud due to its texture. Just go w/ a good quality black spray paint.
I didn't think about that. About holdin' mud. They would always look dirty.
They would always look dirty...or always look clean..? Is the glass half empty or half full. Ha Ha
Since i'm more of a positive thinkin' feller, i would say half full.
i painted mine with semi flat rustoleum and they are holding up great so far. i scuffed them up real good with scotchbrite then cleaned them good taped them up and sprayed away
here is a pic
looks good..did you take the tires off or just paint them with em on??
i figured you could put vasoline on the tires and paint then when you got done wipe the vasoline you will have nice and shiny tires to boot..
i left the tires on and just taped the silver ring around the edge, i also just used a 1 foot chunk of cardboard to stop from painting the tires. and the rust-olum held up great this weekend they still look good. but i somehow lost one of those little rubber hub covers oops
Lady Foreman lost one of hers too. Those things won't stay in that good. I
wish they made them stay in better some how. I guess you could get some
really good glue & try that. I think i will do that to hers & mine & see how it
Railroader...You may want to consult ladyForeman before you go and start glueing her bike...You may wake up and find SOMETHING ELSE glued shut...Ha Ha Ha
i used that gorilla glue to keep my little rubber cover on and have never lost one.
QUOTE ("Rincon 650":2hhsj9l3)
Railroader...You may want to consult ladyForeman before you go and start glueing her bike...You may wake up and find SOMETHING ELSE glued shut...Ha Ha Ha
Your probably right since she DOES wear the pants in the family.
The other night my wife and i got into a heated one over who was going to make the decision....I told her to put on my britches for once, and she picked them up, tried them on and said " I cant fit into these..these pants are way to big for me." I told her to remember that the next time she questions me. She then said, " Here..try my britches on for once ". I tried them on as screamed " Aint no way Im getting into these pants " She said " And you wont until you change your attitude !!!!!!!!!!!!! "
ouch! Tell her " how are you gonna stop me when you dont know where im gettin it from"! hehe
well im in the middle of painting to they are after 3 coats..would i need to put a clear or something on after i get
done to help harden it or will it be fine the way it is??

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Looks pretty dang good to me.
a few more coats and they will be done..i will test them out at the Hatfield & McCoy trail next sunday....
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