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Painted racks and bumper

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Hey, just wanted to share what i did to my foreman i think it looks really good. when i bought my foreman the racks and bumper where scratched and some paint had flacked off so i took them off and then sanded and sprayed them with dupicolor truck bed liner in a spray bomb. the finish kinda turned out like a rough powder coat finish, when i've been out muddin since i can stand on the rear rack and my feet dont slide anymore it's nice here's some b4 and after pics let me know what you think Ps. i cant stand the front bash plate being painted silver, aluminum looks good but painted silver plastic looks cheap.

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Hey man, they look pretty good !!!!!
Looks good. Mine are Rhino lined and they look no different to me
I've ridden over some stumps and bumped some rocks with the bash plate and haven't took any paint off so far so good
Looks good. I did the same thing to mine last fall. The skid plate is starting to wear off a bit in places, mostly from running over rocks and the like, but its holding up great on the bumper and racks.
how is the paint on the bash plate holdin up?
that help it in the looks department alot.
Hey 98!! Where did you find that duplicolor spray can and how much did it set you back?
I like the way that black front end looks without the silver bashplate.Good job
QUOTE ("signal26":2uk2ahth)
Hey 98!! Where did you find that duplicolor spray can and how much did it set you back?
You could use a Wagner power sprayer, I did my sons that way, duplicolor needs 30 psi or more.Wagner is more.
i got the dupicolor spray bomb from napa for 13 or 14 bucks canada. a can, it's easier the using a compressior and a undercoating gun which i have both, just though i go the spray bomb way worked good for me. I used 2 cans but i put lots on. the bash plate is holding up great i cant see any scratches or paint flaking off or anything. I'll try to post a pic this weekend if i can the ice and snow off thinking about taking the foreskin to the car wash.

I like the Idea so much I went and got the paint today.Dupli color $7.00 at wal-mart. I will post some pics when its done.
Cool, i love how i can get on the rear rack and i dont really slide around anymore with mud and water on my shoes/ boots
here's a pic of my bash plate after almost 6 months
Looks to be holding up pretty good!
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