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Oxlite Boot Guards

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Do Oxlite boot guards come stock on Foreman's or are they aftermarket? When I bought my Foreman used in Jan. 2005 they came on it.
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they are aftermarket, the factory ones are plastic.
Yup... Small and .. PLASTIC. Some of the Honda dealers ( Such as Southern Honda in Chatanooga, Tn ) sell the bikes with whatever aftermarket parts on them already installed. This may have been the case.
Thanks for the info. I wondered if those heavy-duty ones were aftermarket.
2002 Rubicon

Are oxlite boot guards the way to go with the Rubicon ? I have the 2002 model , full time 4x4 .
2002 Rubicon

I just found a used 2002 Rubicon , the full time 4x4 model , not my favorite but it was so clean and only had 81 hrs on it and a good price . I want to chang out the front and rear fluids as part of a tune up . How hard is this to do ?? and what oil is best , Honda , Royal Purple , ect .
Thanks !
How hard is it to get to the drain plug , front & back ?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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