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summer time is about to be here and this will be the first summer i have my foreman... i live in houston and it can get VERY hot here. has anyone had any problems with their foreman overheating? and if so, what can i do to help it not get so hot? thanks
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I don't think you have anything to worry about.If you do any deep muddin' make sure you clean both sides of the oil coolers.My Foreman runs up to 375 degrees(head temp.) before the fan comes on.I have never seen the "hot" light come on with any of my Honda's.
ok cool.... i didnt know there way a "hot" light on the bike. if i am out ridin and this hot light comes on, what should i do to cool it down? just take it easy?
I think you're supposed to stop and shut the bike off.Wait several minutes for it to cool down.
Iv never seen mine or any of my buds with hondas have the light come on. Im on the west side of houston so i know what you mean by the heat in the summer time!
if the light does come on use ur kill switch to shut the engine off and leave the ignition on so the fan will still blow to help cool the motor down
i have had them come on on all of my hondas, and even my brute force. just shut it off and take a break. also taking the side panels off will help too.
Or you can do what I did just check out my forum I have pictures (How much power is in your Foreman) It will run cooler with the oil cooler, fan, and Royal Purple.
don't worry about it
i have never had my light come on but in the summer my fan comes on a lot

when we ride in the summer my fan doesn't stop at all.

here in south la. in the deep swamp it is so humid you can see it in the air...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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