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overheating ?

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i got a 02 rubicon and it is always over heating i ride in alot of mud but i always clean it out is there any way i can provent it from over heating ?
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Highlifter makes a portable radiator washer. Are you sure you are getting it clean enough?
well im not that sure lol i clean it after every ride
I thought I called myself cleaning mine as well, but I took my oil cooler off one day to do some repairs. The back was so packed up with dried mud. I know its hard to see the back of it, so never assume.
could i be over heating cuz i ran it in low for a long time ?
When you clean your radiator or oil cooler make sure you can see thru it. I always keep spraying it untill the water running away from the radiator/oil cooler is clean. Also if you ride mud alot then you definately need a radiator washer.
I had the same problem. Took off my front plastic the back of the rad was plugged solid. Clean , problem fixed . Now I keep a close eye on the rad . You can't see the back of it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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