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Has anyone else had a problem with overheating after putting on a snorkel? I cannot get mine to stop overheating. Any help would be of great help Thanks Dustin
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How big off a pipe did you use for your snorkel, it could be possible that you are getting too much air and your engine is running lean. Have you made sure that you radiator is good and clean?
Yes they are clean and I tried bigger jets and taping off part of snorkel don't think it's running to lean. I can't figure out what is wrong.
are you sure its snorkel related...rubicons seem to over heat fairly easily when its really hot and dry. Might want to try some coolant additives.
Im up for anything. What kind of additives. I don't know it just overheated after I put the snorkel on but it was also the first time riding it when it was hot out after putting pipe, k&n, and jet kit in. How can I keep it cooler?
Try "Water Wetter"...and "Radiator Ice".. The Rincon secion was having problems with overheating and we tried these things. Up to 40-50 degrees cooler.. Worth a shot...
how much is it and where do you get it?
Do you get the Dennis Kirk catalogue.. If not, I can get you the PX or the website. You may get it at the local ATV shop...
Stand by...I am getting the names onw with the specs...
cool thanks
yes i get dennis kirk
Moose makes an engine coolant that is $19.95, also Engine Ice $18.99 a gallon which drops your temp 50 degrees... and the number is 1-800-969-7601. 902 pages of ATV accessories, parts, clothing, tools, ect... Call them and they will send you free catalogs every 3 months. Good luck..
Just a thought, is the Rad plugged with mud behind the screen? One of ours was plugged from the back side where the fan is. We couldn't see teh mud untill we pulled teh front radiator cap off and looked down at it fronm the top. Hope that helps!
Rubicon boot cv guards

Who makes the best boot guards for the 2002 Rubicon . I just bought a used one that still has the plastic guards .
Thanks !
Scutt Dog
Madison ,MS
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