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When i go ride i will ride for about 5 minutes and my oil temp light is on.
Does anyone know why or what i could do about it?

04' rubicon
lift kit, lift springs,
custom snorkle, Hmf pipe
26'' vampires
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is your radiator clean enough?? Got coolant?
QUOTE ("Robb":2yne7hhb)
is your radiator clean enough?? Got coolant?
That is what I would say.
Ok i will try that
you did check the oil right?
Yea and i even had a friend check it again for me
There are addative you can add to the coolant and oil to lower their temp substantially. However they have to be replaced after each oil change, which will dramatically increase the price of each oil change.
there is an additive you can add jus to the coolant, made by Redline, called Water Wetter, it will drop your engine temps
OK thanks...............i can just get that at wal-mart right
I just bought something called Engine ice today, 20bucks for it. Says it will lower engine temp 50 degrees.....
ok thanks for all the replys
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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