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Over tighten spark plug..

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Hey guys, New to the boards here. I went to install that new Iridium plug and had a heck of time getting out the factory. That thing was way over tight. I even ended up breaking porcelin off the old getting it out!
Had to remove the gas tank faring just to get some leverage on it. But after a little patience, I got it. Anyone else have that problem??
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I had to take the plastic off mine both times I have taken my spark plug out. I can't get my fat hands in there with it on.
i just noticed it was really hard
The first time I had to take out my plug was because I hydrolocking the motor in deep water and ended up braking the porcelain. What made it worse was it took about two hours sitting beside a mud hole waiting for my brother to find a place that had a new one.
Yea, that honda supplied spark plug wrench is a joke. I had to break out the real tools.
I have used the honda one a few times with no problems. Maybe it the operators!!! Oops did ya say that out loud???
get a 3/8" swivel sparkplug socket. make sure it's an impact socket because the standard swivels will break. the swivel makes it where you don't have to remove the plastic.
swamprat is right about the swivel but a friend and I took his plug out for the first time today and it was a b!#@h! We couldn't get it using the swivel, so we still had to take the plastic off. On my personal bike I never had a problem. The firt time I ever removed my plug was on the trails(by the pond)
I used the swivel head too and no luck. I still had to move the plastic to get a straight on approach at it just to break it loose. Torque setting for plugs that day must have been set to high at the factory. Almost had to get a cheater pipe!!
Yea mine was bad the first time too, I also took the plastic off to get at it. I was just stating that after the first removal you can use the swivel and not remove the plastic.

sorry for the misunderstanding.
heat it up a little

I just ran the motor for about a minute or so until it was a little heated. It came out fine then. Just don't run it a long time it will burn your hands.
i just changed my stock spark plug and u're right it was harder than heck to get out, i also broke the porcilan. i didn't have to remove any plastic thow, just put a boxed end wrench on the end of the supplyed tools and wala. when i put my iridium plug in thow and like all other alum heads i put graphite (anti-size) on the plug. now she comes out like a champ. my .02

I put my NGK iridium plug in last week and had to remove the left side plastics. The stock plug was in there crazy tight but I just used a 3/8 spark plug drive socket to get it out.
I have 9 miles on my new 2006 foreman.
(Just picked it up last Wednesday from Southern Honda)
The idle was too low so at the dealer they ran it around with the choke on. Since it was running AWFUL (would not idle) I figured I'd up the idle and that helped a little, so I said 'must be the plug'. I found the plug and ohhh momma, that baby was in there TIGHT! I had to remove the plastic side cover to get leverage. It finally broke free and I lost skin off my knuckle when it did. The factory installed plugs on my ford ranger with 118000 miles on it were a cakewalk compard to this!.

The plug was BLACK and FUZZY - cleaned it, regapped it and problem solved! (However, my knuckle still has a band-aide)
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