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over temp oil light

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what causes the over temp oil light to come on? assuming the oil level is OK.
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could be a faulty sensor, engine overheating or maybe the sensor wire came off and grounded out on the frame, which is the most common. The sensor is located on the rear of the motor under the pull rope assem. There is a single blue wire that hooks to it. usually sticks and limbs poke inside the skid and knock the wire off the sensor.
Probably what DIRTY said,but if you've been in the mud it could be your oil coolers are packed with mud.Spray them out with a garden hose.Does your cooling fan come on?
overtemp oil light

Yes and ?, Fan came on when I was riding a couple weeks ago I will check with my son who rides most of the time and I will find out ,I did find a lot of dirt and stuff packed under the motor looking for the sensor. Did not positively find the sensor will look for a drawing to make sure I am on the right part. Found a two leaded plug under the pull and on the engine block. Thanks alot for shareing your knowledge.

Found sensor was totally packed with mud . Changed oil and filter, cleaned, and fan does work. Will tryer out this weekend.

Thanks for the help Didn't know where to start.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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