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Output shaft On 500

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well mine bent bad has anyone replaced theres an how hard is it I was told it was different than the 450s
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can't help you with replacement instructions, curious how it happened.
You can change the TRX500FE/FM final shaft without splitting the cases ..
The u joint broke, bent the output and busted the back case. I was told you could just hit it from the from an it came out the back is this true
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":3tl7dvbo)
You can change the TRX500FE/FM final shaft without splitting the cases ..
Really I thought that you had to split the case, I have broke 2 ujoints so far, definately the biggest flaw on this bike.

Any instruction on how to replace the shaft?
That would be great if someone had some step by step instructions
This might be a stupid question but how do you know when your u joint is gone?
well i heard alot of racket an the rear end quit pulling
how do the EDL's and Law combo work for ya......
They work awesome lol in fact I have broken so much stuff I had to take them off. I have this throttle control problem where my thumb mashes it all the way down an if you have this problem to then this combo aint for you lol. Seriously it is the best tire combo I have ever had but it will tear some stuff up.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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