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I have a 2" lift on my bike. I have 27x10x12 swamp lights on the back and 27x9x12 swamp lights on the front.

I am going to order some Outlaws. I want ot go up to 28x12x12 on the back and 28x9.5x12 on the front. Would I have to do any other modifications to fit these tires? Spacers/ cutting??
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I had to trim my rear fenders with 27x12 Laws and the 9.5's up front rubbed my inner fender brackets. And that was with ITP aftermarket rims.
you will need some minor trimming on the fenders but nothing too bad. just wait untill you get them and see what all you will have to do with the trimming, it wont have to trim too much. proubly around 1/2" or so.
I had 29.5s on my 04 Foreman (2" lift) I had to trim the rear fenders at the floorboard just a little. They also rubbed in the front when going through ruts. I have since traded them for 27 Outlaws. The bike performs 100% better now.
If you are runnin stock rims the back 12' will rub your exhaust because of the huge sidewall lug. I had to use spacers. My front 9.5's rub my fender brackets but only when i'm turnin sharp or on an offset( rock or bump) I also have spacers up front.
I also have 12.5 not 12. Might make a difference. It barely rubbed the exhaust.
You probably don't have to worry about the rubbing on the exhaust because your's is aftermarket. But you will need to trim a little on the rear fenders and you may as well cut the front mud flaps off while you are at it. With the 28's it was always an issue when going in reverse(in the mud)the flap would get caught in the tire and bend the plastic and pop the rivot. If you get the HL fender kit you won't have rubbing issues in the front with the stock fender support bars.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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