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Outlaw Wear?

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How do Outlaws wear in 28" and 29.5" cuz I'm fixin to get some new and bigger tires and I really want Outlaws but I don't want a tire that will wear down fast.
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i heard they wear bad if you ride them in places like trails,rocks, and the road. im not sure about this but its what i have heard. if you just ride pure mud i would get them but if you ride all around i would not but somone might know a little better than me.
I ride on 60% mud and 40% trail
if i was you i would not get them. they are a pure mud tire not a mud/trail tire. but its totaly up to you the tires are alot of money but if you want to take the risk to see how they wear go for it. another tire you might be interested in is the 28" vamps they have 2" of tread and they wear like steel. also maby you would be interested in the 29.5 swamplites i think they have 2" of tread. i hope this helps some.
i had

i had 28"outlaws and i rode on the road alot and wore them down then i broke some parts and i bought the 29.5's and i love them they have alot taller grips and they dont seem to wear as bad as the 28"laws, i ride about 75%mud and 25% trail and i wouldnt trade them for nothing!!
My buddy has a set that he has had for about 3 years and don't look to wear any worse than anything else. He rides all trails and mud some gravel not much, very little pavement.
Which tire should I get out of 28" laws, 28" Zillas,28 EDL's, or 27" Bi and Tri Claws?
i would get the zillas i hear that they ride fairly smooth and that they wear very good
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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