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OUTLAW size question....

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Shane's tires came in today. The fronts are 28x9.5, the backs are 28X10.5....they are even marked that way. BUT, Shane says the fronts are noticeably taller than the backs, about 2 1/2 inches! I called the place I got them from and they said that once they are mounted, they should be fine. Has anyone else had this experience with these tires????? We don't want to pay to mount them and they are still screwed up, then have to pay to have them taken back off and return them!
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Once the tires were mounted they are fine! BUT, just in case anyone else orders some and they are like that, don't worry. Highlifter said only the 10.5's are like that and once they are mounted and aired they will come within 1/2" of being the same height. He said the 29.5's aren't like that. Only the 28's come with a height difference between the 9.5's and 10.5's. If he would have gotten the 12.5's there wouldn't have been a height difference. Too wierd.
Thanks for the info Chris.
my friend just got a set of 28x9.5 on front and a pair of 28x10.5 on bak too

the 10.5 is not a true 28, and does not have quite as much sidelug as the 9.5/ however i think this combination looks better than 10.5 on front and 12.5 on bak, and looks better than 9.5 on front and 12.5 on bak/

my friends have 99 foremans with these tirres and they are awesome/ the dont ride as good as the 29.5 cause the tread on the 29.5 is flatter on the top & the tread profile on the earlier models os rounded on the top
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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