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outlaw or mudzilla for the rincon

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im thanking about a outlaw or mudzilla can i run a big size
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I would get some Mud Zilla's.There the lightest mud tire for big Mudriders.I would'nt get big tires,unless your planning on doing some MAJOR modifications to the engine,and gears.If you are,I would suggest the following............

A Jet kit
Rincon Gear Reduction
Air Filter kit
AND if your into mudriding and willing to spend some serious $$$$$$.......

A Engine Build by Turner Cycles to get it up to a...........
720cc 2,500$
767cc 3,000$
780cc 3,800$
802cc 4,500$

If you want a direct link,here it is.....<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

My Dollar and 50 cent's.........................
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u dont need all the crap to turn zillas. depends on wat size.. 27s.. lift. pipe, jet kit.. air filter.. dynatech thing...
zillas are one of the heaviest tires
your right, the zilla's are one of the heaviest tires on the market, but the laws will still be harder to turn.
Well,i'm talking about the lightest tires out of them two.I'm not talking out of ALL tires.And I know that you don't need all that,but that would make an awsome bike
yea ok wat size 27 or 28 i would like a big tire
i would stick with 27 cuz any thing bigger and the rincon might not beable to turn it.
anything bigger than a 26 a rincon stock isnt goin to turn them good. in peanut butter mud..
$hit,i'd get a 28' tire.Go big,IF you mod it.if you don't,get a 26',or27'.That's my opinion.
I couldn't even turn little 27" 589's good with my 03 Rinny. I personally wouldn't go over 27" but that's just my opinion. Remember my 27" 589's only measured 26".

DUDE BIGB01, you don't have a clue.
ya he dont know much.. if a rincon had a low range ya 27s or 28s

BIGB01, at least we dont need a new top end rebuit. and u dont even know wat was wronge..
well i has esp 1st it felt like it had a lot for power in it to just hit in 1st and bring the front of the ground
stock tires they arnt bad for playing but rincons just arent geared low enough to run bigger tires
Ya want to see a 05 Rincon turning 28X10.5 front & 28X12.5 Rear Outlaws Pm me your Address....

Team WFO
Round man, do you have a stock wheeler other than tires? If so, I can find you a hole here in south Arkansas that you won't turn them in

And BIG01, why get bigger tires than you need? For example, if he is trail riding on fairly muddy trails, why would he want the added weight and steering effort of 28's? I'd get 26's on a Rincon.

Oh, and Outlaws weigh less than Mudzillas I believe...not positive on that though. I'd get the laws over the zillas for sure.
oh yea arkansas has some nasty **** and were is the cheapest place to get outlaws and i would like to see the rincon turn 28S
Allrighty then, so witch is a better mud tire zulla-law..
Laws,no doubt...........
Laws are lighter than zillas, but they are harder to turn because the huge sidelugs grab more and create a higher resistance. if you get outlaws, i would say 27x9.5 all around. for zillas get 27x10 and 27x12. JMO
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