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outlaw need advice ASAP

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WOndering guys if I should go with 26x10x12 all away around? heard someone say they would fight each other. was just wondering if anyone is running them that way.
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well what kind of bike do u have?
they'd be allright
you could handle 26x12s on the rear. that extra 2" of width on the rear to grab more might just be what it takes to get you out of that hole

2006 foreman ES all stock
yea you should be fine, 26-10-12 all around would be good for a stock bike.
it will turn those fine stock.
I'm running that combo on my Foreman 500.They're 26x10-12 Executioners.It's worked really good for me.I've been in loose,watery mud to the top of the tires and it pulled right through just fine.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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