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Outlaw MST or 589's?

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I'm going to get a new set of tires 27" but am undecided about what to get. I'm torn between the 589's and the Outlaw MST. Does anyone run the MST's? If so how do they pull in the mud? I ride a little of everything but want a tire that does well in the mud but also rides well on the trail, since the girl is one the back. Any suggestions?
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i had 26" 589's on my rubicon and i thought that they were a good tire for everywere, i also thought they wore good. the mst's are also suppost to be a good tire, i have not seen them in action but i have seen the deestone swampwitches in action. they are about the same as the mst's and usually you can find them cheeper. hope this helps.
I run 27" 589's and I think they are a great
all around tire. They pull good in the mud and
they also ride smoooooth on the hard packed trails.
Like MAD MUDDER said they wear good too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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