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outlaw mst, mudlites swamplites. help

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which do u guys have on a foreman or a rubicon outlaw mst, mun lites, swamplites, or wat do u prefure thanks
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I have Mud lites on my 450 foreman. I like them But I think they are wearing a little to fast. I would say that the next set I get will be 589's
I am runnin mudlights (sizes in sig) my husband has a Rancher and he is running swamplights. 26x10 front and 26x12 rear and both do well. I do better on rocks and he does better in mud but both are good rtires.
It all depends on the kinda riding your doing.
i do a lot of mud and water... OUTLAWS
ya guys thanks for all your help i think im going to go with. 26inch swamplites. thanks for all your help
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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