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Outer CV boot

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Does anybody know how hard it is to replace the outer cv boot? I have a tear and just ordered a new kit. If somebody has a manual they could scan and post of what all parts come off or some tips that anybody has when replacing the boot it would help.
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wow what a reply

I like your reply honda mech. very nice
it is not that hard to do at all and noone even told me how (and i am 14 years old-was13 at the time), i kinda just figured it out as i went....with a guy like honda mech. around anything is easy, so you should figure it out with his input
I hope you didn't pay the $65 or $70 bucks for the stock OEM boot. When I tore my CV boot I ordered one of gorilla axles Extreme boots. It was only $45 shipped to your door.
no i did not buy the stock ones, i bought some other cheap ones for 20.00 with grease included, of course i had to buy a halfshaft to because i tore my joint to pieces. the parts were not that cheap made but they had been sittin' on the shelf for more than 1 1/2 years so i got good prices...they were still in the box so that's alright.

i wish i would have bought the gorilla boots but mud nationals was that week and i was in a hurry. the guy i know that has the arctic cat dealership in New Roads works on hondas and he had the parts i needed on the shelf.

the dealer wanted over $200 bucks for the half-shaft, boot, and grease.

got it all for about $95 or something in close proximity to that from the guy that has the cat dealer.
THanks Honda Mechanic! Your help is very appreciated. Yeah at first I bought the Honda OEM boots from honda b/c everything was closed on Saturday. But I just returned them to honda and called gorilla and got the thermo plastic boot kit. Thanks for the input!
I just tore up a outbord boot dose anyone have a link to gorilla boots thanks
go to the auto parts store and match it up with something they sell there. There is another thread somewhere about using a geo metro boot.
QUOTE ("jakeoh":1ok8hzxe)
I just tore up a outbord boot dose anyone have a link to gorilla boots thanks
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

ive tore 3 outer boots and then the dirt that got in it thoes 3 diff times finally wore it out and it started clicking and boooommm, there she went!!! i fix the boot very quick everytime but u can't stop the dirt getting in it on the way home.
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