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out put shaft

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I havent taken the bike apart yet, but i think i broke the output shaft in the engine. No power to the back wheels, only the front and the rear drive shaft is still conected. I was riding wheelies down a hill and , bang, no power in 2 wheel drive. Has anyone done this before, are there any tricks?
Does the motor have to come out? Bike has 8700 original miles and runs like a champ, would hate to open the motor if i don't have to.
sorry about the poor spelling
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If you broke the final shaft in the engine the crankcases must be split to replace it ..

That shaft is quite a big shaft are you sure you broke it..?.. Did you remove the clamps on the drive shaft rubber boot,slide the boot off either the engine or swingarm and with the rear wheels jacked off the ground turn the wheels and check what is or isn't turning..
i have bent mine but never broke it. i think you might have a problem with the diff. or axle.
I would check the rear end first. sounds to me like a stripped rear axle. The wifes foreman done the same thing. Good luck and let us know what u fine.
i have taken off the clamps at the swing arm and jacked it up, the front wheel have power and not the rear. Nothing is even making any noise. I can see the rear universal joint and it isn't spinning. Man, I really don't want to split that case. I will double check tomorrow when I get to work. This happened before the hurricane and I just started working on it again. I'm glad it floats!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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