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OS1 ECO for my 05 foreman

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I am thinking of OS1 ECO for my 05 foreman. Does any one have it. If so how does it perform and where can I get one for a good price.
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For the other new guys like me, what is an OS1 ECO?

I have two Hmf eco ,if sound is a big factor its a little louder than stock but sounds really good ,not a huge diff in performance but noticable. sound is like a stock Harley.
Yes...The wife has the QS1 ( its the Quiet Series Pipe ) on her 2006 Foreman 500. It also is the forestry approved pipe. We got it at Leesons Motors. Shipped to the door for $219.00. This included the main jet and an aftermarket air filter. It is almost as quiet as the stock pipe...just a hair louder. You will be amazed. It still allows the extra air flow, without sacraficing the ear drums for more improved throttle and power.
Uhhh . . . guys.

Are we talking about a muffler, a serious dive accessory, or what?
is this a ebay only item for leesons i can't find that deal on their website
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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