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Ordered some 28" Gators today for the Foreman

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Finaly decided on either Gator's or MudBugs and my parts guy couldn't find any 28" MudBugs and I didn't find any on E-bay so he did find some Gators in 28" 10's front, 12's rear.
I had a set of 25" MudBugs on the back of a 300 and I realy liked the way they worked and I didn't want to put a real agresive tire on this bike so this is what I decided on, being they are very similer.
Should be here neat week.
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i have gators, i think that they are good all round tires. good on the trails and ok in the mud. you will have to get some pics of them on the bike when its done.
I'm really thinking hard about selling my gators. I just want a lighter, taller tire. Gators are HEAVY!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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