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Well i finally broke the rear u joint lol. I know it was only a matter of time but i was just crusin around a creek creepin. Guess its time for a 450 joint! Anyone got any input on these and the install process? Hopefully the trans shaft isnt tweeked.
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Let me know how the 450 joint works and fits, just for when mine takes a crap. We still need to get together and ride. Is there anywhere else around Katy to ride except for by the movie theater, where the cops drive around?? Later.
does the u-joint happen to all foreman 500 or is it selective. What causes this to happen
The lift is the cause. I put the 450 joint on mine and haven't had any problems. There is not any visual difference but it costs about $40 more. They seen to hold up better so I gave it a shot. If the shaft is bent it wont be by much, I didn't see mine until we put it in 4th and put a dial indicator on it, it was out about 8 thousandths of an inch. Good Luck.
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