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oops this sucks

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i striped the output shafts splines in the front comeing out of the motor ,how much will it cost to swap the shaft out
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You stripped the motor output shalf, never seen that. Most of the time the driveshaft or coupler strips. The motor will have to be pulled and split open to change out the out put shalf.

I have a 98 foreman 400 motor that is stripped down for parts. Just let me know if you need shaft out of it or anything else.
if u do it urself it should be like 50-100 bucks, if u take it somewhere it should be like 500-700 dependin on how much the dealer charges and if u bring the engine to them or not
o thanks id realy like to try my new outlaws in 4x4 lol,but they rock in 2x4 so far thank for the replys
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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