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One more reason I love my foreman

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well i had fun on my foreman yesterday. We went for a snow ride up here in the mountains. We had to drive about a mile back in the woods--all down hill. So as we get down to the cabin the guy in front of me says man, i dont know if i'll make it out of here, my truck is only 2wd. But oh well so we went riding. After a couple of hours riding, and a couple more inches of snow falling, me and the guy in the 2wd ranger decided to leave. Well i went first and said i'll head up the top and wait, if you dont come up i'll be back. So i locked my truck in 4low and pulled the hill with my trailer on the back, spinning the whole way. So a coupld minutes go by, and i couldn't disconnect my trailer anywhere so i unloaded the foreman. I headed down the hill on the foreman to find him stuck sideways in the road. So i got out my straps, hooked it to his truck and pulled that **** ranger 1/2 mile, uphill, on ice!!! it was unbelieveable! I never thought my foreman could do it! But she did and pulled steady all the way! God I love my honda!! I unfortunately don't have any pictures, but i do have 10 witnesses
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Buddy with the Ranger must have been "givin it to er."
i know how you feel. pulled a '86 ford f150 4x4 out out of gumbo with the 450 when it had mud up to mid-door. hondas are just tanks.
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/ --> I love my forman I beat it on pa topsoil (rocks )
and it keeps on going
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