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OK, I need a tough tire that rides smooth!

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I'm going to be purchasing some new tires in the spring and figured I'd get some Bearclaws, BUT I have come to realize these suck in the mud pretty bad and even though I told myself I would stay out of mud I also realize that I can't do that.

I have about 200 miles on my stockers and they have lots of tears and slashes in them, but only one has gotten a leak so far. I really like MudLites, but they're expensive and I hear they wear fast.

What would you reccomend for my use? I see alot of trails, deep water and sticky mud. I also drive down railroad beds so there's alot of sharp rocks. On my old Foreman 450 I had Titan 589's (ITP's with the siping) and the lugs got pretty torn up after 1000 miles or so, they also rode like a brick.

BTW: The tire size would be 26x12x12 for all 4 tires. Thanks for any help!
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I don't know how they wear but if you like the MudLites buy them; they are reasonably priced.
if you want a tire that will get you through mud there almost going to ride rough. i dont know much bout these tires but you might want to look into the interco swamplites. i heard that they are a nice alround tire. i hope this helps.
Bi/Tri claws, without a doubt, great riding smooth tire, agressive tread, works great in all conditions. They only come in 27s though.
if you really wanted the claws but you wanted 26" you could just get the bi claws all the way around because they make them in 26" but they only have i think 1" of tread. i have hear just bi claws by there self are not the best tire but like Robb said they ride smooth and they go good everywere.
Yea I'm not looking for a tire to totally rock in the mud, that's why I bought a winch. I looked at the Swamplites and the lugs seem really tall. Not sure how that affects trail handling, I ride pretty aggressive on trails. Bi/Tri's are really expensive although I hear good things about them, but I don't want to go up to 27's. I'm gonna buy a Perfex lift kit when I ge the tires and wheels so mabye I will kick it up to 27's. I really don't wanna lose alot of power though.

I guess it comes down to the best deal I can get between the Bi/Tri's, Mudlites, and Swamplites.
Made up my mind! Getting some Bi/Tri's hopefully by the end of March.
I have been thinkin' about gettin' those myself when our Mudlites wear out.
you made a very good choice
Great choice you'll love em
I love mine!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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