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Oil plug ?

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I have this friend of mine that bought a 2000 foreman es 4x4 last year and the guy he bought it from stripped the threads in the housing where the oil plug screws into, not the oil plug itself. The honda dealer said that the housing is aluminum and the oil plug is steal. How stupid is that! What would be the easiest and simplest way of fixing this?
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You will have to fix it with a Heli-coil ... The size is 12X1.25 mm .. Stand the bike on it's rear wheels & rear bumper ... When you use the tap make sure you have lots of grease on it (I just push them into a grease tube and turn it as you take it out) .. The grease will catch the alum. filings .. And make sure you have it straight before you start to re-tap .. then use the insert tool to install the Heli-coil .. Some kits don't have a coil short enough (you only want the coil in the threaded part not inside the cases in mid-air) ..If there is none short enough cut a longer one shorter with side cutters .. and use a good pair of needlenose plyers to break the little drive part off the coil when your done don't want to loose it inside the cases ..

This is an easy job and the Heli-coil kit is cheaper than the Honda shop will charge you.. Kits usually run from around $15.00-50.00 depending on size..
Thanks, i will tell him.
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