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Oil light question?

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I have been lurking here for several weeks and finally joined. I was very impressed with the help people were getting here. Everyone seems to be very helpful and friendly!! Any way maybe someone can help me now. I have a 2005 Honda foreman es 4x4 and had the oil changed at 10 hrs a couple of weeks ago.. I went riding today and noticed the oil change light came on at about 14 hrs. Should it be coming on and does this mean I need to change it again. It has only been about 4 hrs since I changed it last. The quad is running fine and all just this light thing is bothering me. I hope maybe the light jst needs to be reset or something. I am no mechanic so I hope that is all it is. Thanks and hopefully someone can help!!!
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you just need to reset the light. the instructions should be in the owners manual. i'd tell you but don't have my book handy.
It probably wasn't re-set when the service was done .. If the oil is changed before the service indicator comes on then the re-set still must done or the oil change light will come on early .. It runs off both mileage & hours ..

I will get my book out and reset the light. I appreciate your replies!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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